About Us

Ohio Cannabis Company

The Ohio Cannabis Company dispensary is proud to be 100% Ohio Owned and Operated. We service our patients with 3 dispensaries throughout the state and take great pride in our “patient first” philosophy. Since our inception in March 2019, we have owned and operated one of the first dispensaries in the state of Ohio. We are highly committed to the entire patient care experience and have received high marks for our top rated service. Our cannabis expertise combined with our knowledgeable and friendly staff allow OCC to focus on you as a patient and offer you the best medical marijuana experience possible.

Join our Team

Ohio Cannabis Company is looking for compassionate, energetic individuals who want to guide patients through the medical marijuana journey. Our team values the patient experience and we work hard to keep our spaces clean, safe and welcoming. Patients can expect our team to have a wealth of knowledge on product safety and a broad knowledgebase on usage, dosage and consumption methods. If you don’t come to the industry with firsthand experience, our robust training will bring you up to speed.

Who fits well into the OCC Culture?

  • Caring and patient-centered people who want to help those dealing with health issues such as chronic pain and terminal diagnosis.
  • Lifelong learners who want to grow with the industry in terms of product knowledge
  • Encouraging and uplifting personalities who love to help people feel better
  • Team members who value safety and appreciate the structures and codes that keeps the team and patients safe.
  • Individuals who are hard-working and self-motivated in a fast-paced environment rise quickly into leadership and are rewarded for efforts.


There are no job openings at this time. When we have openings, they will be posted here, so please check back soon.